The three connector test units provide the ability to monitor any baud rate of Async data in both directions in a simplex mode, not Tx and Rx at the same time, between two devices such as a computer and modem. The data can be monitored with a computer using Procom, HyperTerminal or similar communications software using only one serial port on the monitoring computer. The data flowing between the two devices is OR together and connected to the Rx input of the MONITOR connector. The three connectors are wired in the conventional RS232 manner. The INPUT and OUTPUT connectors are connected pin per pin together.

Insert the three terminal test unit between the two devices that the data is to be monitored using the INPUT and OUTPUT connectors on the Three terminal unit with the appropriate adapters. Plug the MONITOR connector into the serial port of the monitoring computer. Set up the communications software for the baud rate, data bits, and stop bit if required, with no flow control, and the serial port that the Three terminal test unit is plugged into. The data should be displayed on the monitor computer. Most of the communications software packages allow the recorder data to be written or saved to a TEXT file for later analysis.

Pin connections
Pin number/Connector MONITOR INPUT OUTPUT
1 Receive Receive Receive
2 NC Transmit Transmit
3 NC 3 TO 3
5 NC 5 TO 5
6 NC 6 TO 6
7 NC 7 TO 7
8 NC 8 TO 8
9* NC 9 TO 9

NC is No Connections * Pin used only on applicable model


The Three Terminal RS232 Test Unit is warranted by the manufacture against defects for 30 days from date of purchase. The defective unit must be returned prepaid to the distributor or manufacture with a copy of the sales slip with in 30 days and will be replaced or repaired at the manufacture discretion.
There are no active devices in the Test Unit that can harm your computer, but connections made to the INPUT and OUTPUT connectors of the Test Unit inappropriately may cause harm to your computer and are not warranted or guaranteed by the manufacture or distributor.

We offer the following two styles of RS232 Monitoring test units.
PART # Description Price each
RS232-100 Provides RS232 monitoring with convenient Modular jacks $27.50
RS232-200 Provides RS232 monitoring with convenient DB9 jacks $47.50