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The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is being used more and more throughout industries and OE suppliers. This is due to the LED being able to produce the same or more light, at significantly less power consumption. They also have a much faster reaction time than traditional light bulbs. If you have ever been behind a newer model Cadillac or any other car with an LED CHMSL and the driver hits the brakes you can visually see the CHMSL turn on before the light bulb brake lights. Nowadays, LED's are being used in everything from flashlights, streetlights, automotive lights, to industrial applications, etc. With this in mind, and because I didn't want to ever have to worry about my taillights or turn signals burning out and leaving me without, I designed a set of lights for my '66 Bronco. The early '66 Broncos came from the factory with a one color lens. There was no clear reverse light. This made my job easier since I could now use the entire lens. Once I got my Bronco on the road, people became interested in getting a set of lights for themselves. To the right is a list of the different configurations I offer. Each page has descriptions and list pricing info along with some technical data.

- Mark Reimers